An Analysis of Two Aged Patients with Obstructive Hydrocephalus


  • MiMi zhou

    Hangzhou Wenzhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Yue Chen
  • Baoping Song
  • Gang Li
  • Zhengyao Peng



What causes would you think of in an aged patient with hydrocephalus on his or her brain CT scan?These are two cases of obstructive hydrocephalus,that occurred with gradual mental loss and difficult walking due to the rigidity of both legs. A final diagnosis of obstructive hydrocephalus was established on the basis of their abnormal immunological tests;and drainage tubes were then inserted intracranially to alleviate the increased intracranial pressure(ICP),their total situations improved significantly. The authors realized that an autoimmune mechanism might be involved in a possible ependymitis inside their ventricular systems,and an earlier intervention of autoimmune may retard its natural process.


Obstructive hydrocephalus, Drainage therapy, Autoimmune mechanism, Rheumatism


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zhou, M., Chen, Y., Song, B., Li, G., & Peng, Z. (2024). An Analysis of Two Aged Patients with Obstructive Hydrocephalus. Journal of Geriatric Medicine, 6(1), 4–6.


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Case Report