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Journal of Geographical Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (January 2019)

  • Article

    A Mega-event Approach to Glurbanization: Insights from Expo 2010, Shanghai

    Lingyue LI

    Article ID: 188    DOI:
    513  (Abstract) 47  (Download)


    This paper contributes to an in-depth understanding of how the mega-event contributes glurbanization of entrepreneurial city through a case study of Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It argues that spatial-related transformation is central to mega-event approach to glurbanization yet the soft power building is uncertain. It implies that the domestic impacts of mega-events are... More

  • Article

    A Geographical Analysis of Urban Sprawl in Abuja, Nigeria

    Susan Aniekwe, Nwabueze Ikenna Igu

    Article ID: 344    DOI:
    760  (Abstract) 66  (Download)


    Urban sprawl is a challenge of the century across the globe; however its greatest impact is felt more in developing countries mainly due to its poor planning and ever increasing population. To ascertain how this affects a notable African city, Abuja, a questionnaire design was employed to elicit resident’s perception on the causes and... More

  • Review

    Wave Dynamics Investigation in Scope of Coastal Processes

    Levent Yilmaz

    Article ID: 405    DOI:
    365  (Abstract) 43  (Download)


    In this research it is given the Classifying Coasts, Primary Coasts and Land Erosion Coasts, Coasts Built Out by Land Processes,  Coast, Coasts Shaped by Earth  Movements, Secondary Coasts,Some Features of Secondary Coasts, Shore Straightening, The Accumulation of Beaches, Beaches, The Composition and Slope of Beaches, Beach Shape,Minor Beach Features, Coastal Cells, Large-Scale Features of... More

  • Review

    Application of GIS in Hydrologic Information Forecasting

    Xuan Li

    Article ID: 470    DOI:
    386  (Abstract) 41  (Download)


    In recent years, China has attached great importance to the research in the field of hydrology, and hydrological work has also made great progress. Hydrological information forecasting is the focus of hydrological work, and it has close relationship with social development and people's life. After long-term development. More and more advanced information technology has gradually... More

  • Review

    A Review of Landsat TM/ETM based Vegetation Indices as Applied to Wetland Ecosystems

    Gema Marco Dos Santos, Ignacio Meléndez-Pastor, Jose Navarro-Pedreño, Ignacio Gómez Lucas

    Article ID: 499    DOI:
    762  (Abstract) 89  (Download)


    A review of vegetation indices as applied to Landsat-TM and ETM+ multispectral data is presented. The review focuses on indices that have been developed to produce biophysical information about vegetation biomass/greenness, moisture and pigments.In addition, a set of biomass/greenness and moisture content indices are tested in a Mediterranean semiarid wetland environment to determine their appropriateness... More