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Macro Management & Public Policies

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (March 2020)

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    A Markov Model for Production and Maintenance Decision

    Mohammad Saber Fallahnezhad, Alie Ranjbar, Faeze Zahmatkesh Sredorahi

    Article ID: 655    DOI:
    319  (Abstract) 76  (Download)


    In this paper, we consider a production machine which may fail and it is necessary to repair the machine after each failure and there are two statuses for each repair; in one case, we should replace the machine because of catastrophic failure and in the other case, only small repairs are needed. Times between failures... More

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    Determining Benchmarks for Cargo Throughput Performances of Privatized Seaports in Nigeria

    Theophilus Chinonyerem Nwokedi, Chukwuemeka Ezembu, Gbasibo Lawrence Addah, Nwoloziri Chinyeaka Nwokodi

    Article ID: 963    DOI:
    313  (Abstract) 79  (Download)


    There exists the challenge of seeming lack of empirically determined cargo throughput benchmark models for the privatized West African port terminals particularly in Nigeria, as target benchmarks which terminal operators and port authorities must drive towards to ensure that the current improvement in port productivity experienced in the post concession era is sustained. The study... More

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    Socio-Environmental Responsibility Policy in Financial Institutions

    Sady Mazzioni, Francielle  Corazza, Cristian Baú Dal Magro, Antonio Zanin

    Article ID: 906    DOI:
    317  (Abstract) 79  (Download)


    This research intents to analyze the influence of Socio-Environmental Responsibility Policy of Brazilian’s Central Bank on financial institutions economic performance listed at the Brazilian stock exchange. The data was collected from diversified sources (websites, explanatory notes, reference form and Economatica® data base) from 2012 up to 2017. As sample, 22 financial institutions were considered for... More

  • Review

    Service Quality Measurement and Competition Strategy Analysis of Online Shopping

    Chia-Huei Wu

    Article ID: 1331    DOI:
    298  (Abstract) 75  (Download)


    E-Commerce refers to such business behavior as conducting trades on a virtual network through the Internet. The core elements contributing to the success of online stores include not only the web-based presentation and the low-price strategy but the quality of online service as well. Importance-Performance Analysis is a method frequently used to evaluate performance and... More

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    Online Content Impact on Young people’s Values Transformation

    Andrei Ulianovskii, Dobrova Tatiana, Olga Filatova, Vadim Golubev

    Article ID: 1048    DOI:
    311  (Abstract) 77  (Download)


    The investigation that underpins the present article interprets the gaps of the social data continuum. It is designed to select a set of images from the “media noise” of the information society, and then describe those that characterize the visual conceptualization of the ideas. The authors present the results of their 14-year research based on... More